A New Generation of Vascular Closure

Second generation device designers listened carefully to the market's demands for safe , reliable and easy to use closure systems. Eliminating intravascular components and biologically active foreign materials has made devices safer. Most second generation devices are easier to use than the first generation.

Only CloSys provides a NATURAL, safe closure in an easy- to- use, cost effective configuration.


  • CloSys launches US pivotal trial at the Cardiovascular Institute of the South in Lafayette, Louisiana. Dr. Nick Cavros, principal investigator and medical advisor to the Company, issues a press release.
  • CloSys opens a second clinical testing site at Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Dr. George Adams, interventional cardiologist at Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, North Carolina has assumed the position of Principal Investigator and Medical Director for the CloSys U.S. pivotal clinical trial.
  • Drs. Kendall Price and Byron Simmons, hematopatholgists at HealthEast in St. Paul, MN have joined the medical advisory board of CloSys Corporation.