The CloSys Hemostatic Device (HD) addresses the key limitations of other vascular closure devices (VCD) because it leaves NOTHING behind in the patient’s body, at the puncture site, or in the access tract.



body-targetNothing Left BEHIND – So the Patient and Lab Workflow Can Move FORWARD

VCDs can increase procedure room efficiency but they have drawbacks that prevent them from being more widely adopted.

By eliminating intravascular components and foreign materials that remain in the patient – and streamlining the delivery mechanism, the CloSys HD has the potential to achieve our objective of creating the most clinically and cost effective VCD for interventional cardiology and peripheral vascular procedures.

• The CloySys HD is used in interventional cardiology and peripheral vascular procedures to close the arterial access site, and offers the following distinguishing characteristics exclusive to the  market:

» Seals naturally leaving nothing behind
» Seals inadvertent punctures on back side of artery which are a leading cause of serious bleeding complications
» Allows immediate re-access at the same site in the event of an emergency
» Simple to manufacture and low cost of goods has the potential to enable savings to hospitals